Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good-bye old friend

I have decided that if I post small little blurbs (instead of waiting until something really exciting happens) maybe more things will be put up on here. So today as I was doing the laundry I made a sad (and somewhat embarassing) discovery. I have a shirt that I have had and worn since high school. Yes, you read that right. Since high school. I probably got it going into my Junior year. So that you dont have to rack your brain figuring out how long ago that was; I will tell you. Fourteen years ago!

So the sad thing that I discovered is that this shirt finally has a spot on it that looks worn out and I feel that I must part with it. But I am just amazed that it has lasted so long; because I wear this shirt pretty often. It is soft and comfy and does not look too out of style (I hope). It is just a blue and white striped tshirt style shirt. I have never had an article of clothing this long. So I am putting a plug in for Jones New York clothes. They will stand the test of time.

Good-bye old comfy shirt. I will miss you.


Cassia said...

Wow. That does sound like a great quality shirt to have lasted that long! Sad to see it go... :)

'Manda said...

you should sew it into a scrap quilt!

Leslie K said...

TARA!!. . . I had to read the "Vacation Vacation Vacation" blog entry TWICE because the first time I read it I thought you had taken a family vacation to UTAH (and I would have just DIED if you had been HERE and had not called me :>)! But, I can stop hyperventilating now because I'm pretty sure it was Indiana where you went!!!(smile!!). . . Your kids are getting SOO big. Time goes so quickly!!

My brother Andrew and his wife just moved to Georgia!! (I'm not sure where, actually--a military hospital somewhere).

And, . . . I think I totally remember you wearing that shirt!

If I weren't working like 5 million jobs and my only free time were at midnight (like now)--I would call you sometime :>).

I hope all is well. (Sorry for the long catch-up-with-things comment!)...Leslie (in UTAH :>)