Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's been a while, so long spring is almost here.

Well, it's been quite a while since we've posted anything. Life has been busy, or tiring, but it moves right along. I can't believe we're into March already. I'm another year older and Tara will be on Saturday. And it got so warm today that we actually (well, I did) turned the air conditioner on upstairs. It was 78 degrees inside, even with the fans on, that's just too hot for me after all the cooler weather. It's supposed to cool down a bit this weekend, but only into the 50s, so that's not bad at all.

Things have been going well. Grace is getting so big. She's a great eater and we hope that lasts after having 3 picky eaters. She will eat just about anything and everything, fruit, vegetable, meat, bread and whatever she might find on the floor before we can get to it. Tonight she was eating ravioli that we had for dinner and Tara had given it to her on a little plastic plate and she was picking up the plate and licking it. It was too cute. We took some pictures and will maybe post some soon. She's starting to make more noises than just 'da-da' now, and maybe she'll actually say a real first word soon (Although I think that 'da-da' should count because she will say it when she sees me, but she also says it babbling all the time).

She's crawling everywhere, but mostly away from her siblings that think that she's their toy. Hallie gets a little playful with her and isn't careful sometimes. She loves Carter because he's pretty good with her except that he feels the need to always bring her to us, even if we just put her down to play. Jackson is just too rough with her so she doesn't like him too much right now and he tortures her a little bit. Soon he's going to pay for that.

Jackson will be 5 soon and just has a few months of pre-school left. Hard to believe, he was younger than Grace when we moved down to GA. He's so funny, polite and fun to be around when he's in a good mood, but can be a terror if he's not. When he's in a good mood though, and you have him alone, he will talk your ear off. The other day Tara came up stairs while I was working and Grace was napping, and just crossed her eyes at me and whispered that he'd been talking to her non-stop for an hour straight. Just as she's finishing here he comes mid-sentence and just keeps on going. He's quite the talker.

Carter and Hallie are doing well. Hallie had a little piano performance for another teacher recently and she did really well. I think she's starting to get much better. Soon I think she'll be able to move on to more difficult music if she'll try. I think she'd be surprised what she could play already if she gave it a shot. Carter is doing well in school and is just getting so big. If only we could get him to gain weight. He's growing up, but not gaining any weight, just getting skinnier. :-) He's as cute as ever and is getting more helpful and grown up.

Anyways, just thought I'd post a little something, but I've got to getting going now so that I can play volleyball tonight. I'll try to post a little more often, it's refreshing to just aimlessly write sometimes :-)