Monday, April 13, 2009


For the past few years on Easter morning before we go to church we take a picture of the kids on the front porch. I take the picture in the same place each year so that I can see how they have grown. This year I probably took 20 pictures and not one of them turned out that great. Somebody was always look away or making a crazy face or something. And it was pretty cool outside at the time I was taking the picture and they were cold. So was I. So her is the best one and the pictures from the 2 years before that so you can see how they have grown.


'Manda said...

They're all so big! I made Grace a dress for her birthday; I hope it fits by the time that it gets there.

Allison said...

I thought the first picture was this year, and I thought - where is Grace? Then I saw the real picture from this year. Wow, they are so big!

daurenet said...

Hi there Tara,
How are you ? Man your kids are so cute. It looks like life is treating you right. How is your mom doing? You can check out my blog too, it will fill you in alittle bit about what is going on in my life. Love ya, daurenet