Monday, September 21, 2009

Has anyone seen the ark?

I am thinking that the Ark will float by any minute and I will wave and hopefully it will stop and let us on. Georgia is under water. Well at least my part of Georgia. I have had 13 inches in the last 18 hours at my house. That is from my rain gage. And it has been raining for the past week, so there is really no where for the rain to go. On the news it says we have had 17 inches. My backyard looks like a pond, and I know that I am lucky. A lot of people I know have a backyard that looks like a lake. And the not very exciting thing is that it is not finished raining. We are suppose to have a lot more tonight. They have already canceled school for tomorrow, but I am not telling the kids yet. Hee, hee!!!! I am kinda sly like that. Hopefully they will get to bed early. Here are some pictures of the rain and puddles. This one is Grace wearing a duck costume, thinking that it will help her swim if the water keeps rising.

I got this off of a friends Facebook (Stephanie Kjar). It is a neighborhood that a lot of our friends live in. It was so flooded that a lot of them could not drive in and they had to hike home.

This is a picture me standing of the little deck in the back yard. The french drain cannot keep up with the rain and so the water is running under the house into the crawl space. Notice we have lined part of the house with bags of sand. I am crossing my fingers that it slowed down some of the water that was going under the house.

This is off of another friends Facebook. This is Towne Lake Parkway. Up where I take Hallie to the orthodontist. It is the onramp to get onto I-575.


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Yikes, it doesn't look fun.

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