Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OK, OK, I lied....

I said that I wouldn’t post much, but here I am yet again. In an effort to be a little more active, I think we’re going to turn the blog into a family blog and I’ll take an opportunity to be a little more vocal. I’m sure I’ll post some stuff that I find interesting as well, so you might see some tech stuff and sports info too.

Life is fine adjusting to the arrival of Grace. She and Tara came home on Sunday evening. We’ve gotten (or I should say Tara’s has had) rough amounts of sleep so far, but that’s always expected. I’m doing my best to keep Tara from doing anything else, so I’ve been getting the children to school in the mornings and taking care of them with their homework and bedtimes in the evening. We’ve had some meals provided by family and friends for the first few days home, and that has been a great help.

Next week Tara’s mother, father and Ellie will be here so that will be great as well. We’re looking forward to it and hopefully they are too. Jill’s screaming for more pictures, so maybe I will get some posted soon, need to get them off the camera. So that’s it for now, but I’ve got some topics in mind that maybe I’ll post about later, and get some pictures posted.



Gorge Us Family said...

I'm with Jill, more photos! Glad everyone is doing well, even if a bit tired.

'Manda said...

Mark I have not forgotten ya'll. I have been getting home to late to call. I'm now shooting for the weekend. We sent some flowers to your house these week--did you get them yet? I'm making a digital flip book of about Hallie and Grace. I'll post it soon.

Booger said...

Glad you're posting now too Mark. And good job fixin' up that layout. The old one was a bit busy on the eyes.