Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Owl

We have discovered an owl that lives in one of the trees in our front yard. We have been watching him lately. He is very interesting. But yesterday Hallie came home from school and found a dead rabbit in the back yard.

It looks like the owl was trying to have a feast but maybe bit of a more than he could chew. (Not literally) We are guessing that the rabbit was too big for him to eat and so he dropped it in the backyard. Hallie was devastated.
She immediately started planning a funeral. Carter helped by picking flowers while Hallie got the shovel and started digging. Mark had to finish the digging so that the hole was deep enough.
Hallie even made a headstone that says R.I.P. Peter Rabbit and made all of us sign our names on it.


Jill said...

You need to put a box of mice or something back there, so he doesn't have to hunt quite so hard. Poor Hootie went without dinner....