Sunday, May 4, 2008

Go Hawks?!

OK, just a few sports thoughts. I grew up in Florida, but grew up a Braves fan because they were the closest pro baseball team and they were always on TBS. However, I didn't really follow the Hawks. Now that I live in ATL, it's impossible not to follow the Hawks a little since they're on TV and in the papers. I have to say I was quite impressed and enjoyed watching them and they may have gained a new fan. They got really close to pulling off the biggest upset in playoff history. They forced a game seven agains a Celtics team that took 35 games to lose their third game of the season. The Hawks won 3 of 4 to force a game seven. I didn't expect them to win today, and they did get obliterated, but kudos to them for performing so well against a very good, veteran team.

Also of note, the Braves have been a bit injury decimated including Mr Glass, who is injured again while trying to recover from an injury. The guy has surpased Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway for the most injury prone players I've ever seen. Smoltz is out injured even though he was pitching awesome and it looks like he'll come back in the bullpen, which I'm actually quite excited about. Chipper Jones has been unbelievable this year so far. This guy has another couple of seasons like this and I think that he's a sure fire first ballot hall of famer, if he's not already.

I'm playing Fantasy Baseball with some people I used to work with, and I invited Brian Johnson. We're both having awesome weeks this week, but I'm enjoying it more than I ever have with Fantasy Baseball I think because I have someone nearby to talk to about it regularly, same reason I enjoyed fantasy basketball with Grant a few years ago.

One more NBA playoff comment, I was wondering if you might see a Hawks player mysteriously injured, or some questionable calls as David Stern tries to sway the outcome of the playoffs toward a LA-Boston final :-) Just an interesting conspiracy theory.



Booger said...

You know, everyone laughed at me last October when I said that the Hawks would make the playoffs and that they'd be better than people expected. Yeah, they got the crap kicked out of 'em yesterday but I think it's clear that they are moving in the right direction. I actually look forward to next year. Hopefully Mike Woodson will be fired and they'll bring in D'Antoni from Phoenix. He'd be a perfect fit for the Hawks roster.

Booger said...

By the way, Settles Slammers are going to die a slow and painful death this week (I hope :P).