Monday, May 19, 2008

Jumpin' Time

Saturday was Jackson's 4th birthday. I want to say I can't believe our baby is four, but now he's not the baby any more. But it's hard to believe he's getting so big. Well for his birthday and for the family, we bought a trampoline. I got it on Friday night and Saturday morning my dad help me put it together after tennis (my team won both sets this week :-). It was not to difficult to put together at all, and we had a lot of fun with it.

The kids have always loved them and always want to go to the neighbor two houses down to jump. Now they can wear themselves out at our own house. It's a good amount of exercise. We had a family birthday party/cookout for Jackson, so his cousins and aunts and uncles were over and they jumped all afternoon. Grant and I even played a game were we had our older brother throwing us a frisbee and seeing who could catch it more often. Not the safest of games but a blast and a good work out. So here's some pictures of the kids and I on the trampoline that Tara took, and a video too.

I'll post some more pictures of Grace soon too. She fell asleep during her "tummy time" (as Tara calls it) on our bed, and we were trying to wake her up and I got her holding my finger while she was asleep and we got a cute picture of that, so I'll post it soon, after I get it off the camera. The picture below of Carter and Jackson with another boy, that boy is Braden Baxter, a friend of Jacksons. It was hilarious, I got the camera out for opening presents and he took on look of it and got right in front of me with this same smile on his face. Then I got Carter and Jackson to turn around and smile and took that picture.



Gorge Us Family said...

Looks like a ton of fun!

Cassia said...

That looks like a blast! (And the netting definitely adds a nice "good for mom's sanity" touch. :)

Stephanie said...

I cannot believe Jackson is 4 already either... then again... like you said, you do have a new baby. The trampoline looks fun. The unsafe part that you and Grant do cracks me up.