Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hallie's birthday party

Last Friday we had Hallie’s birthday party. She was turning nine and wanted to have a sleep over, but we decided instead to have her friends over from 5-9 pm and wear their pjs and do fun things. They made their own little pizzas. (Which I forgot to take pictures of.)

Watched Camp Rock.

Played with Hallie’s hamster Jerry.

Painted nails.
Opened presents.

Decorated cupcakes.
And because we thought they had not made enough mess already. We had a fondue fountain to add to it.
And then after they were all good and sugared up; we waved good bye and sent them home to their parents to get them to calm down and go to bed.



I simply cannot believe your baby is 9 years old! That's just plain craziness!

tiny said...

Happy 9th Birthday Hallie! Looks like a fun party with loads of friends. :)

Gorge Us Family said...

I really can't believe you have a 9 year old! It looks like she had a great party.

Ellie said...

Oh i wish i was there! I love a good cup cake!

Jill said...

Oh the simple days, when all they wanted was a stuffed animal, a Barbie, friends to spend the night.... Now it's high tech phones, a tattoo, designer perfume, diamonds. Just wait T, your time is comin'!

Allison said...

Just like everyone else, I can't believe she is that old! To me, Hallie will always be a three year old acting like a doggie.