Monday, September 15, 2008

Too many ignorant people in GA

Just a quick rant about people not using their heads in GA. I read recently that the national average of gasoline rose just $.05 over the weekend. Well here it rose well over $.60. Why? Because all the people here freaked out and went and got gas on Friday and Saturday because I guess they believed that Hurricane Ike, which was over 900 miles away, was somehow going to cut off the whole supply of oil to the state of GA. Man, if it really was that fragile of a setup, we'd have been in trouble a long time ago!! Almost every gas station we drove by on Saturday was out of gas, and we saw it for as much as $4.50 in some places, and it was around $3.60-$3.70 on Thursday.

Think people!! You're the same ones that complain about gas prices, and then you go and drive them up yourselves!


Bryan said...

I was just remarking to Cassia this evening how this weekend's "gas run" really exposed both the deep paranoia and utter lack of preparation a lot of people here have. It was a good reminder to us to fill up our empty water barrels and 5-gallon gas container in the near future - after fuel prices stabilize, of course.