Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boys will be boys

Carter and Jackson sometimes amaze me. I think it is because as a girl I would never think to do the things that they do. A few examples of these are the kleenex and oatmeal episodes. I think they must have been missing the snow of Utah when they did these things because they said that they were "jumping" into snow and they were making snow "fall" after they made these messes. They decided to do both of these things within a week of each other.

This past week the boys decided do to get into things and make messes again. It started exactly one week ago tonight. Mark and the kids were upstairs in our room and I was downstairs in the kitchen. I heard Jackson cough and then cry out "I swallowed it". It was a steel ball that goes to Magnetix. The ball is about the size of a marble and there are little magnetic rods that they stick to and you can make cool things with them. We have told him not to put them in his mouth but he does anyway, because what do we know! Well I called the pediatrician and they said to take him down to the ER and have them take an xray to make sure it was not stuck in his throat; because his throat was hurting. Apparantly things like marbles and money can get stuck in your throat and you can still breath and everything. So I get ready to take him to the ER and Mark asks him "how many times have we told you not to put the balls in your mouth?" He replies "about 100". Exactly. About 100.

Here is a picture of his marble.

It finally made its grand re-entrance tonight! Thank goodness because I am sick of checking poop for a marble. I will spare you the details. But one funny thing that he said when we were sitting in the ER until midnight was "I'm glad I swallowed this marble because now I get to stay up and watch cartoons." I am thinking about contacting the ER and telling them to get rid of the tv's because Jackson thinks if he goes to the ER that it is fun because they let him stay up and watch tv and eat popsicles while he is there.

Then next thing the boys did is destroy their room last nightwhile they are suppose to be going to sleep. That is nothing new but this is how Mark found them.

Now would a girl ever say to herself "Oh, I think I want to take all my books off the bookshelf and sleep in it!" No, they would not. At least I wouldnt. But to Carter and Jackson it must have seemed like an interesting thing to do.

Like I said

Boys will be boys!


Gorge Us Family said...

That is the funniest post ever! Oh what do I have to look forward to?

Ellie said...

I laughed out loud! Just keep chanting "one day they will grow up"! You are a very patient woman!

Jill said...

Just remember: Do not leave paint anywhere near a vehicle. You may have a reenactment of Elle and Luke painting dads Cadillac. Yellow. Do you think that they go to bed at night, plotting what to do next? Wait til they're 16....

Bryan said...

Isn't it ironic how the worst messes and child misbehavior can make for the best blog posts? We often find it therapeutic to catalog our kids' craziness on our site - it makes it easier to laugh at our misfortunes later.

Some people may read your post and exclaim, "I'm glad that's not us!" We read it and say, "We're not the only ones!" (Well, except for the ER thing. I'm glad that's not us.) :)

'Manda said...

I love the bookcase picture! They are soooo cute!

Jake, Megan, Ryder and Emma said...

I am Ellie's friend Megan. I met you when you lived in Springville. Anyway I LOVE this post! I laughed out loud!! Oh man I have a 2 yr old boy who is the same way and I am just waiting for our trip to the ER!! I love how he was so glad he swallowed the marble because he got to stay up late!! That is HILARIOUS!! Thanks for sharing!! =)

Allison said...

Oh they are so cute. I'm glad swallowing that ball turned out okay - I heard that can be quite dangerous.

This is why I wonder if we'll have a girl or a boy next. It would completely change the dynamic of our family if Adam has a little brother to terrorize the world with one day.