Sunday, February 8, 2009

December 2008

Well December came and went with not much being posted; but a lot going on. Here are a few of the things that we did. At the beginning of the month (or maybe the end of November) we went to Publix to watch our niece singing Christmas carols with her chorus group. While we were there we saw Santa and ate lots of samples. Jackson was a little afraid of him and Grace wanted to pull his beard off. Carter was a little afraid too, but I think that was because he was not a very real looking Santa and Carter told me that sometimes Santa's helpers that played Santa in the store did not do it very well. Later in the month we went to the Ice Forum and went ice skating with Hallie's primary class. She had gone ice skating for the first time a few weeks before that at a friend's birthday party and loved it so she suggested that they do that for their class activity and everyone agreed. For someone that had only skated once before Hallie did really well. She went off and left Carter, Jackson and Mark to hug the wall for a while. Mark then picked it up pretty quickly and went to skate with her. Carter made it around the rink once and Jackson made it about half way around and then they were done. I then swapped Grace with Mark and went out. I was scarred to death of falling and breaking my tailbone again so I hugged the wall the whole time. It also did not help that a grown man went by me and said "if you are ever going to learn to skate you have to get off the wall!" Yikes, he was friendly. These pictures are not very good because of the glass enclosure that surrounds the rink.We then went to Grandma Connie and Grandaddy Tom's house with all their grandkids and decorated their Christmas tree. A few days later we made Christmas mice cookies. The kids had a lot of fun making these and they were very easy. Hallie and Carter made a lot of mice and Jackson ate a lot of mice.

The kids then opened their Christmas Eve jammies.

Here are the kids on Christmas morning, and each one with one of their favorite presents.

(I started this post on 1/8/09 and finally on 2/8/09 I finished it. Better late than never.)


Ellie said...

I love the jamma idea. I think I will use that. You are a total super mom, baking with all the kids and they even managed to come out cute!