Thursday, February 5, 2009

Settle Family Newscast

I was out of town on business last week, and while Tara was busy elsewhere and it was kind of quiet she went to check on the kids and found that they had my older work laptop down on a table we have in the garage (they are lucky that I wasn't home). Anyways, she reprimanded them and sent them to put it away. Yesterday we discovered what they were doing. On our digital camera, we found this video. It's a little long, but stick it out, there's some parts that had us cracking up all the way through.


Allison said...

Cute! How creative of them.

Sounds like Hallie has a little bit of a Southern accent, love it.

'Manda said...

Carter, did you fart?, she asks so matter of factly!!! You've got to keep this.

tiny said...

Hmmm....this must have been the time I was talking to Tara on the phone and I asked why it was so quite. She told me it was because the kids were playing in the garage. Too funny!

Ellie said...

that is so funny! I love carter laughing! you do have to keep this one!