Monday, June 2, 2008

Grace's Blessing

On Sunday we blessed Grace. We were able to have her two Settle uncles, Grandfather and the Bishop stand in the circle with us. Hard to believe she's over a month old already. Life is starting to seem more normal with a fourth child now, although I'm not sure if Tara would say that or not. Tara's got a half saved draft of our now somewhat recent owl encounter, but I'll let her finish that post another day. Just a few pictures from yesterday at church of Grace in her blessing dress that Tara made, and blanket and booties that my mom made. Also a cute picture of her curled in a ball asleep on our bed.


Gorge Us Family said...

So sweet and perfect. The dress is absolutely beautiful, Tara. I am very impressed. I can't work a sewing machine worth a darn.

Allison said...

Yes, that dress is fantastic - so jealous you can sew like that!

What a cutie. Glad life is returning to some kind of normal!

Jill said...

I have the cutest nieces and nephews! What a patootie! I believe that Tara has too much free time and might need another hobby..... :) Cannot believe you had time to make that dress.

Leslie K said...

Hooray! I just discovered your blog, but now I'm "linked." Tara, I can't believe you made that darling dress, and I can't believe you are mom to FOUR kids!! Wow!! Grace is beautiful. Can't wait to follow along and watch your family grow (and can't wait to show Abby your blog!). Leslie K. in Utah

Stephanie said...

She is beautiful! (of course) I wish I could have been there. I cannot wait to see her and the other children sometime.

Tara, GORGEOUS dress! I hate to sew children's and baby clothes because it is so tiny. I am most impressed!

'Manda said...

Tara T! I had no idea!!! What a dress! You always said you weren't crafty! I think that qualifies as crafty. You make cute dresses and cuter babies!

Miguel Silva said...

Mark and family,

It's so good to see that your family is growing. Congratulations on beautiful children.

Miguel Silva