Friday, December 12, 2008

Blogs and going private

Ok so we may be going private in the future. Mostly just because everyone is sending me these crazy emails about how your life might be destroyed because some psycho person took pictures of your kids off your blog and posted them all over youtube or something like that. Or how some ex boy/girl friend found your blog and shows up on your door step at 2 in the morning. You know how things get blown totally out of proportion in emails. Anyway. If you would like to continue to look at our blog; please send me your email at I know, now that I put my email up here, you are all thinking that I am going to get tons of junk coming to my email. Probably so, but I can press delete really quickly.

Also, if you have a blog please send me a link to it. If you haven't noticed our Friends and Family section in missing. Somehow we lost all of the blogs that we look at when we were redoing our background.

So please send me your emails addresses and blogs.


Bryan said...

In my (blunt) opinion, those e-mail messages are bunk.

It seems you recognize that too, so . . . you're going private anyway?

'Manda said...

I was thinking that in the new year I would close my facebook (since I never use it anyway) and invite select facebook friends to my private blog.

I don't think any exboy friends are going to show up on my doorstep. I never dated anyone (besides Scott) with enough ambition or intestinal fortitude to track me all the way to the great white north! AND I never blog about anything intensely private (we have acquaintances that write about their sex lives and/or their money--or lack) so I guess I just kind of like the idea of having a "members only blog."