Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Who is carrying you?

This is how Jackson came to me today. I did not take the picture at that time because I had to rush to get Grace before he dropped her. (For this picture I had him show me how he picked her up and then took the picture. And Hallie was standing there ready to catch her if he dropped her.) When Jackson brought her to me her arms were up around her head because she was slipping down as he walked. Later I let him drop a raw egg in the sink to show him what would happen if he dropped her. I dont know that it taught him anything other than throwing eggs in the sink and watching them crack is fun.


Allison said...

Ha, that is cute and a little scary. I like the egg idea.

Grace is getting so big!

Gorge Us Family said...

It does look like he likes his little sister at least.

'Manda said...

You'd better lock up your eggs the boys a gonna pull a "kleenex box" trick on you. At least kleenex are easy to clean up!!