Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas pictures

We went and got our family pictures taken today. It went pretty well. Mark usually hates doing this because it is a lot of drama trying to get everyone to smile and hold still at the same time so the last professional family picture we had taken was when Carter was a baby. But when we were done he said that is went quite well and we were happy with how they all turned out. We also got Hallie's 9 year and Jackson's 4 year old pictures taken (we had done Carter's earlier). Grace did not do as well as we had hoped that she would because she was tired and hungry. So there are not many pictures of her smiling; mostly just sucking her thumb. Here are some of our favorites.


'Manda said...

These are great!!!!!

Cassia said...

Very good pictures! Did you do these at Portrait Innovations, too? We really need to get professional family portraits done soon... our most recent was when Emma was 6 months old. Yikes!