Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday Lunch

Then the restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" and brought us some yummy desserts. They also had me wear a sombrero. Then Grace wanted to wear it. She loved it. She did not want to take it off, but it was so heavy she couldn't keep her head up straight.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grace gets ear tubes

We got tubes put in Grace's ears on January 20th. She has had quite a few ear infections in her short little life, and had 2 back to back in the weeks before we had this done. Her first one was at 7 weeks old. We saw 2 different ENT doctors in the summer that suggested that we put them in if she didn't make it through the winter without getting any more. And then she got at least 3 this winter, so we decided it was time to stop giving her so many antibiotics and get the tubes.

She was so cute when we took her in. It was before 7am when we got there, but she was as happy as could be and was making friends with all of the hospital staff. She was still in her pajamas, but she wanted to go and explore the hospital while we waited.
She did really well. She did not even cry when I walked her up to the operating room door and handed her over to the nurse. She just went with her like she had know her forever. Then Mark went down to the cafeteria to get some breakfast and made it back to the room seconds before they brought her back to us. I think that the whole process was less than 15 minutes. So everything had been smooth and easy up to that point. But as they were bringing her back to us that all changed. I could hear her screaming as she came down to hall to the room. And she was not just crying; she was MAD! Mad like I have never seen her. The nurse said that is how they all wake up. Either extremely mad or throwing up. But mostly MAD. The nurse said that it is the anesthesia and it would wear off in about 3 hours. What? I have to listen to her scream like that for 3 hours? So we put her clothes back on and gave her her puppy and she still screamed. We put her in the car and she still screamed. We drove home and I told Mark that maybe we should stop and get her some M&M's (her favorite candy in the world). We stopped and got her some. I gave them to her. And she threw them on the FLOOR! Ok, we get it. She was mad and nothing was going to make her happy.

After one hour she finally stopped screaming and wanted her nany (candy). Thank goodness it did not take 3 hours.