Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday Lunch

Then the restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" and brought us some yummy desserts. They also had me wear a sombrero. Then Grace wanted to wear it. She loved it. She did not want to take it off, but it was so heavy she couldn't keep her head up straight.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grace gets ear tubes

We got tubes put in Grace's ears on January 20th. She has had quite a few ear infections in her short little life, and had 2 back to back in the weeks before we had this done. Her first one was at 7 weeks old. We saw 2 different ENT doctors in the summer that suggested that we put them in if she didn't make it through the winter without getting any more. And then she got at least 3 this winter, so we decided it was time to stop giving her so many antibiotics and get the tubes.

She was so cute when we took her in. It was before 7am when we got there, but she was as happy as could be and was making friends with all of the hospital staff. She was still in her pajamas, but she wanted to go and explore the hospital while we waited.
She did really well. She did not even cry when I walked her up to the operating room door and handed her over to the nurse. She just went with her like she had know her forever. Then Mark went down to the cafeteria to get some breakfast and made it back to the room seconds before they brought her back to us. I think that the whole process was less than 15 minutes. So everything had been smooth and easy up to that point. But as they were bringing her back to us that all changed. I could hear her screaming as she came down to hall to the room. And she was not just crying; she was MAD! Mad like I have never seen her. The nurse said that is how they all wake up. Either extremely mad or throwing up. But mostly MAD. The nurse said that it is the anesthesia and it would wear off in about 3 hours. What? I have to listen to her scream like that for 3 hours? So we put her clothes back on and gave her her puppy and she still screamed. We put her in the car and she still screamed. We drove home and I told Mark that maybe we should stop and get her some M&M's (her favorite candy in the world). We stopped and got her some. I gave them to her. And she threw them on the FLOOR! Ok, we get it. She was mad and nothing was going to make her happy.

After one hour she finally stopped screaming and wanted her nany (candy). Thank goodness it did not take 3 hours.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Has anyone seen the ark?

I am thinking that the Ark will float by any minute and I will wave and hopefully it will stop and let us on. Georgia is under water. Well at least my part of Georgia. I have had 13 inches in the last 18 hours at my house. That is from my rain gage. And it has been raining for the past week, so there is really no where for the rain to go. On the news it says we have had 17 inches. My backyard looks like a pond, and I know that I am lucky. A lot of people I know have a backyard that looks like a lake. And the not very exciting thing is that it is not finished raining. We are suppose to have a lot more tonight. They have already canceled school for tomorrow, but I am not telling the kids yet. Hee, hee!!!! I am kinda sly like that. Hopefully they will get to bed early. Here are some pictures of the rain and puddles. This one is Grace wearing a duck costume, thinking that it will help her swim if the water keeps rising.

I got this off of a friends Facebook (Stephanie Kjar). It is a neighborhood that a lot of our friends live in. It was so flooded that a lot of them could not drive in and they had to hike home.

This is a picture me standing of the little deck in the back yard. The french drain cannot keep up with the rain and so the water is running under the house into the crawl space. Notice we have lined part of the house with bags of sand. I am crossing my fingers that it slowed down some of the water that was going under the house.

This is off of another friends Facebook. This is Towne Lake Parkway. Up where I take Hallie to the orthodontist. It is the onramp to get onto I-575.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Monkey part 2

Ok I just found a picture of Grace climbing before the age of 1. If you dont understand what I am talking about, see the previous post. Here she is at 9 months on the kitchen table.

Monkey For Sale

None of my kids have every been climbers; until Grace. I dont know why such a sweet little laidback girl would want to climb like she does! This all started the day that she turned 1. After her birthday party she must have decided that she had been such a good baby for 1 year that now she needed to shock her parents. Here she is after her birthday party.
We did not help her get up there at all. I am now getting use to her climbing up on everything and it does not shock my too much anymore. Maybe it should. This morning as I am cleaning the kitchen this is what she is doing. (Notice that she is standing on my laptop! Mark would be thrilled.)You can see in one hand she has a note pad and in the other hand she has just taken a pencil out of the little basket. She knew exactly what she was going up there to get. So, I take the pencil and paper and put her at the table. I even go and get her a coloring book and the crayons and this is what she does.I am sure that some day I will walk in the kitchen and she will be on top of the fridge getting the play dough or something. Oh well, at least she is a good little girl. She has to do something bad or she would be perfect. (I case you were wondering she is not for sale.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing the Wii

We got a new Wii game last week that I think is pretty fun. That is saying a lot coming from me. I dont find the Wii as entertaining as the rest of my family, but this one has some really fun games. It is Sports Resort. It has frisby, archery, wakeboarding, sword fighting (my favorite, because it is like chopping up vegetables with a very sharp knife) and other games. Today Mark was taking a little break from work and we were playing wii. Grace is sitting on the couch thinking that she is playing too. She has a remote that is unplugged. She is pretty funny. Here is a video of her. But you have to watch it with your head turned because I cant figure out how to rotate something on here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School Days

The kids started school yesterday, so maybe I will have time to blog again. Hallie started 4th grade, Carter 2nd, and Jackson Kindergarten. They were all very excited and got up so easily and got dressed and ready in about 10 minutes. I wish it would be that easy every day. Hallie's teacher is a man named Mr. Bell and she thinks he is the coolest teacher in school. Carter's teacher is Mrs. Baker and Jackson has Mrs. Madrid; who was the teacher that Carter had when he was in Kindergarten.

After getting all the kids off to school; Mark, Grace and I went to breakfast. It was very quiet with just Grace at home. She would wander around the house and every once in a while I would hear her laugh. I think that she was having so much fun having free reign of the whole house and no one to bother her. She may find it boring in a couple of weeks.