Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing the Wii

We got a new Wii game last week that I think is pretty fun. That is saying a lot coming from me. I dont find the Wii as entertaining as the rest of my family, but this one has some really fun games. It is Sports Resort. It has frisby, archery, wakeboarding, sword fighting (my favorite, because it is like chopping up vegetables with a very sharp knife) and other games. Today Mark was taking a little break from work and we were playing wii. Grace is sitting on the couch thinking that she is playing too. She has a remote that is unplugged. She is pretty funny. Here is a video of her. But you have to watch it with your head turned because I cant figure out how to rotate something on here.


Bryan said...

Very nice.

We just got a Wii last week with some old gift cards, and I've been trying to find some games my two older kids can play without constant adult guidance. The pitching action in Wii Sports Baseball is the only thing they can do independently at the moment. Is there anything in Wii Sports Resort that your younger kids do pretty well at on their own?

BTW, you can rotate videos in Windows Movie Maker. It comes standard in Windows XP, but if you have Vista you have to download it here. After you publish the video in that program, you can import it into your blog. You'll see "black bars" on the left and right of the video image, but at least it'll be right side up. :)

Mark said...

There are a few things that they can do very easily on the Wii Sports Resort without assistance. The sword fighting, frisbee, flying the airplane, and bowling are all pretty easy for anyone to do. The sword fighting is probably the easiest and very fun. Mario Kart is another one that is easy to play and a lot of fun. They might not win many races (Jackson doesn't too often), but they will still have a great time.

reba said...

Grace is so darn cute!!! We love the Wii around here too but McKay tends to be a little fanatical so we have to limit it during the week:)